As part of its hi-level and diverse electives program, Shaarei Arazim has amassed a treasure trove of professional equipment and teaching talent. In a new initiative aimed at sharing its resources with the community, the yeshiva opens its doors every Tuesday night to some 65 children ages 10 thru 12. The boys come from communities well beyond Monsey, and it is needed inspiring to observe the camaraderie that the program forges amongst the boys who represent the beautiful diversity of the frum communal spectrum.

The fringe benefit for the bochurim is the experience of serving as paid counselors and assistants to the instructors. It’s an opportunity for their development of leadership and mentoring skills while enjoying the thrill of sharing their own talents in keyboard, guitar, woodworking, voice training, acrobatics and more.

The program has thus far been an outstanding success providing the community with a structured and well-supervised recreational outlet for their children in a safe frum environment. Plans are currently underway for expanding the program in the near future.