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The number one ingredient in the Shaarei Arazim chinuch model is empowerment, demonstrating to the talmid that he has what it takes. Our primary expertise is mending shattered dreams and putting the wind back in a bochur's sails. With this liberating sense of self, the talmid is then poised to soar to unbelievable heights of greatness.
Shaarei Arazim is famous for its extraordinary electives programs. But those are only the means to the end. In the words of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Y. M. Rosenman, ``The electives are the vehicle that help the bochur realize what he can achieve if he puts his mind into it. As he goes through the electives and masters the different skills, he begins to appreciate the sense of enjoyment that comes from hard work and the rewarding feeling of achieving success.``
The ultimate achievement is the success of Shaarei Arazim's talmidim in maintaining a rigorous schedule of Sidrei Hayeshiva, equivalent to most other Yeshivos. It is the transformation of young boys who struggled to get by in their former Yeshivos, into driven Yeshiva bochurim mastering the skill, the feeling, and the delight of conquering a blatt Gemara.